Sunday, 19 March 2017

What's it like hosting a Roma refugee?

In my spare time out of kindness, I have hosted adult refugees for past eight years, who stay one to three years, creating and maintaining a safe nonjudgmental atmosphere of peace and mutual respect. I charge no rent, but they share grocery costs and do a few household chores.  I currently have a young Roma Hungarian male 38,   who has been with me since 2014. Before that, I had his friend same age, a hair stylist, who stayed from 2010 to 2012, he then went back to Budapest, and we are still friends through Facebook.  

Joe  is a very quiet guy, not much for starting conversation. His English was very bad when we first met. I could not understand most of what he was saying but after four years with me, he speaks almost perfect English. Sometimes a few word pronunciations elude him, but once he learns them, they are no longer a problem. I have the satisfaction of helping someone,  as well as learning about the newcomer’s culture and language.

One of Joe’s Parkdale friends took the above photo on July 9, 2016 on some rooftop near Queen and Roncesvalles, in background is Lake Ontario Humber Bay and Gardiner Expressway — in Toronto, Ontario.
 Has a small low paying job as a drywaller sometimes working 12 hour shifts five or six days a week with Sunday as his day off. I do not see him much, except in the evening when he arrives home to make his supper. He has some relatives who live in Parkdale and Uncle to two small children and loves to spoil them. It is nice to have some companionship in my old age, and he is a fabulous Hungarian cook. I am not sure how long Joe will be with me, now in his fourth year, I do not mind, friendship is not ownership and he can leave when he is ready. ~ MFP

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Spending afternoon testing two of the newest Distros of Linux.

Spending afternoon testing two of the newest Distros of Linux..Mint 18.1 and Ubuntu 16.04.2 before doing a dual boot install setup in Win 10...Mint didn't recognize my internet, but Ubuntu did. Mint looks nicer with cool layout and more software.

I did have problems doing a shut down with Mint, keep rebooting back to Mint, so will likely stick with Ubuntu 16.04.2 for installation, just have to do a bit of disk partitioning first, which isn't that hard I have 500 gs and only need 20g.

This English guy knows his stuff and makes it easy for us.. 

How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and Linux Mint by Britec09 in London England.

Some think history will be wipeout in Toronto's Gay Village

 Street view of 552 Church Street, image courtesy of Google Maps

One Properties purchased buildings at the northwest corner of Church and Wellesley, the very heart of Toronto's gay community, Ward 27 Councillor Kristyn Wong Tam was ready to hear about another overly tall, dense, boxy development with very little regard to how it will be a benefit to the established community.

The ultimate vision of the development is to have a 4-storey, 18-metre-high podium, animated with fine grain retail at grade, and reflective of existing retailers in the Village. The podium would also be set-back from the street, allowing more room for pedestrians on the sidewalk, in addition to allowing for more sunlight. A boutique hotel would be on the third and fourth levels of the podium, while the second level would be dedicated to the community. A rental apartment tower would rise from the western side of the site; height scale and massing of the tower still to be determined.

There has been quite a lively public discussion on pros and cons of the development  among Facebook members with Vintage Gay Toronto (Canada)